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* Two-stroke engine, single, with flushing reciprocating, air cooled
* Engine type: Dezamet: 017, 022, 023, 025
* Capacity 49.8 cm3
* DEZAMET 017, 022 and 023 1.7 Power [hp] at 4800obr./min; DEZAMET 025 hp at 1.4 4000obr./min
* Compression ratio 8
* Carburetor GM12F1
* Friction clutch, wet, Double panel sizing
* Two-speed gearbox with switching hubs in the model (Romet) Pony 50-M-1 in the handle)
* Electricity 6V - 20W
* F80 Spark Spark
* Dry weight 44 kg
* Fuel consumption 2.2 L/100km
* Tank capacity 5.5 l, 4.5 l - 301 Romet Pony
* Maximum speed 40 km / h


Motorynka - is a miniature motor, designed for young people, to drive the card is required for mopeds or in the case of adults - an identity card.

Motorynka Pony 50-M-2 and Pony 50-m-3 only differ by the type of engines and some structural solutions, such as changing the way the steering wheel mounting shelf to the front fork, another shape of the steering wheel, means mounting the front fender and some less significant changes having no impact the characteristics and properties of the vehicle. Motorynka was little possibility of a single vehicle, which would be easy to move around in city traffic, dealing with little space to store, easy to use and designed specifically for young people from 13 years according to the Highway Code, which was in force at a time when motorynki were put into production and now, according to the Road Code, for 15 years. Motorynką Pony 50-M-2 was manufactured between 1980 to 1984, and the Pony 50-M-3 in 1984-1989.

Motorynka Pony 301 Model
Motorynka This is a further refinement structure motorynki 50-M-3. Dramatic changes in this model are: - increase track width by extending the frame-enhancing effect on the handling characteristics and a more comfortable position of the steering wheel while driving.
- Change in the fuel tank, which resulted in a favorable profile of the vehicle.
- Change the rear lamps, together with support and
Motorynka Pony 301 was introduced into production in 1989 to replace withdrawn from production models, 50-M-2 and 1950-M-3. Downside of all models of scooters is no speedometer kilometrłw with the meter and equipment in the ring instead of an electric bicycle horn as in other types of mopeds. Motorynki production ended in 1994.